• Apryl James

A Rock and a Hard Place

Hey Nations

Today I am forced to write . I have been avoiding doing these blogs because I wanted my next topic to be so fun and exciting . I wanted you as you read this to feel so much joy and happiness ... and who knows maybe God will allow such. But I really don’t have an uplifting topic at the moment . This is called a hard place, it seems like we have been stuck here for a while . I pray that whoever maybe feeling stuck , weary or even if you are not that you learn the importance of vulnerability in these moments .

It’s been a rough 2019 so far . Y’all I really had big hopes and dreams for 2019 , I really thought it was gonna be my champion year , like I kid you not . I mean it’s not over yet and God promises our latter days to be better than our former days . If I am being quite honest , everytime I claim that it feels like things get worst*face palm*. I look at the things some of my friends are going through in this season and it equally breaks my heart because it’s like as I pick them up they have to be picking me up- point number 2, ensure your circle in thise season has some seasoned prayer warriors because trust me friend , your life is going to depend on it ! They say it gets worst before it gets better ooh boy I pray that’s true . Okay so let me talk about some of the stuff that is happening . I am about to be out of a job and I am currently on the hunt for a new one . For those who have been following me for awhile especially my vlog channel it seems like it was just yesterday I got an amazing job . That’s because I have been here under a year and it seems like God is shifting the ground beneath me so I may have to move again. When I think of the name of this blog “Reaching Nations” , I am not surprised that I am not able to remain in one place lol , are you? We often think nations are just places , don’t forget Nations are people and sometimes we are called to build and to plan to tear down and destroy even if it’s spiritual places in peoples lives .Point number three , once you understand your purpose , your life will yield perspective :trust me , you are going to need to know , why you were created in this season because if you don’t have a strong enough why, when the rains come down, believe me they will come! If you are not strong enough you will come tumbling down . So build your life on the sure foundation that is the word of God and allow him to reveal who he is to you and why you were even created in the first place. Apart from my wonderful journey of finding a job amongst other things , the uncertainty of what’s next is daunting . Many times I wake up and I want God to give me a full and complete outline of what’s coming next and what I am to do . But guess what , he is mad silent when it comes to that because this is where total trust and reliance comes in. I have to trust that his will is perfect and that I am safe in his arms even if the outcome is not what I want! Is this your heart posture? I pray that if it’s not , that you get this soon because the reality is he knows our end from our beginning and his plans ultimately work for our good in the end.

Y’all this is simply to say trust God with your everything. Be vulnerable if your struggling , get some power crew around you and know who you are in Christ! A believer without a clear sense of his or her true spiritual identity is like a police officer with no badge, like a driver with no license. They may have the right equipment, but they don’t have the authority to use it. Life is far from easy, God never promised us that but he did promise us Victory!

Love you Nations

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