• Apryl James

It's been forever!! Welcome back

Guys! OMG, I feel like I have abandoned you all in writing. To those of you that have been following my YouTube thankyou so much. Make sure and check out my YouTube videos at Reaching Nations with Apryl.


ALOT HAS HAPPENED .... so let me catch you you up. I am now 29 years young, I survived like you a worldwide pandemic, My mum died of stage four colon cancer 5 months ago, I am now a Clinical Supervisor and I have no idea where life is taking me. To say the least life has been rough. Every time I think of 2020/2021 I feel like screaming. One thing that has remained constant-Jesus. His love ,his peace, his nearness, his promises.

I look forward to unpacking all of these things some more but I just wanted to let you guys know that I am back.

Stay in the know by subscribing here and following my YouTube. Once a video goes up more than likely a blog post is also up. Who is ready for some open and honest conversation? I know I am.

Lets journey together!!!!

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