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Hey Nations

Hey Guys before 2019 closes in on us and we enter this new year with power and might . I feel strongly to speak to to you about increasing your expectations. I always talk on things that God has personally taught me or is teaching me and this topic , trust me I am walking it right there with you in real time .

So if you are like me , you have a few things that you have been praying to God for allll year that are yet to be manifested and released .

Yall I really started to lose hope and became so discouraged because I was like oh well we are in December maybe God will do it next year . As I began thinking this , every word and devotional I read and received reminded me that God is not finished with this year yet and I need to stay expectant!!! Many times I chuckled to myself like ... really ? How is God going to do this thing in less that 25 days ! Yes I know he is God but the human mind forced me to believe and act on human time .

God is not confined to our time , for he is the author of time !!

Okay let me help us


So I ordered a luggage set for my upcoming trip. Due to my very little time to pack I was eager for my luggage to get here so I could start the packing process . Each time I kept missing UPS because of my work schedule so they would leave a note saying they would try again on the next working day . If you are familiar with UPS you know that they usually do three tries and then they send it back to the sender . On the third day I decided to work from home just so I can get them because as I stated I really needed this luggage. I checked my app and it said the luggage was loaded unto the van, then it said out for delivery . This increased my expectation ,why ? Because I know they were on their way to me. They didn’t put a specific delivery time but all they said was BEFORE THE END OF DAY•

Y’all all day I kept listening for the door bell, I placed a sign out on the door because my name was not on my buzzer , just to ensure I didn’t miss them . Around 5pm that evening I was hungry and decided to walk to the store to get some food . I have never walked that fast in my life and it wasn’t because it was cold but because I was EXPECTING a package . Y’all as I got back from getting my food ,up my block what I could see was nothing other than the UPS truck . Mayne the excitement I felt was overwhelming. To you a luggage may not be a big deal but to me it signified a well needed vacation that I was excited about ! Y’all I dropped my food in my house so fast and ran back outside waiting for the minute the truck would get to me .In the distance I could see the UPS drivers delivering other packages to my neighbors . Although it felt like I was waiting for hours , I was excited and remained expectant because they were in my neighborhood!!!!! Yallll this thing is preaching........ hold on let me praise break for a minute wooooohh!!!! Y’all I kid you not I stood waiting for like 30 minutes, they were delivering to my entire neighborhood or so it seemed , but I waited because I could see the blessing. I just didn’t know when it would be my turn and I didn’t want to get out of my posture just in case I missed them .

Y’all I decided I wanted to go inside after that 30 minutes because honestly my legs were tired and it was honestly really cold . Just as I was about to go and I began putting my keys in the door ,I heard Holy Spirit say wait one more minute . That was hard only because it was freezing outside and I was hungry ,but I obeyed . In less than a minute UPS was at my door with my package and they handed it directly to me with a smile .

I said alll that to say ... waiting is hard , it’s stressful , at times even painful . It tests our faith , expose our motives and really forces us to examine our trust in the promise giver.If you have a promise from GOD, he is a promise keeper but he definitely moves on his time .We are in the season of victory and I came to tag you to let you know BEFORE THE END OF DAY !!! Breakthrough and deliverance will be at your door !!!

Your blessing is on the way , God is in your neighborhood. ‼️

Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.’ GOD’s


DECREE [is]: “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing right on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once and everywhere you look, blessings!” (Amos 9:13-15 MSG).

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