• Apryl James

“It’s Above me Now”

Hey Nations , it’s been a minute , hope you all are enjoying this summer . Summer to me usually represents life and vitality. Everything has now sprung forth and is in full bloom .

This blog is a bit of an open one where I just share what I am feeling in this moment even as I am writing this . If you are like me and you study the word of God ! You know that Gods word tells us to be anxious for nothing . Furthermore if you have a relationship with this God , you know that his will for your life is perfect . That should be enough to keep us calm and rested .

Everytime I think of this analogy I remember my younger self . I would ask my mum for something and she would say either yes ,no or not yet . Or even the times when I would not want to do something and she would say do it just because she said so . Sometimes I find myself approaching God with the same attitude like he is either gonna just be like yes , no or not yet Apryl. Or even the one I hate the most where he may say do it just because I am God . Arghhh that thought makes me cringe because I am such a control freak . I get if you are awesome or a super saint and you don’t have these conflicting moments where yes, no or not yet is not a good enough answer .... like I want details God . Yes ... why?? . No .... why... you want me to do this .... why?? . I really hate being confused or at least not having some sort of control as to what is going to happen next . If you feel like this then stick around. If not we’ll then maybe you can shed some light and help us out in the comments. Either way, what do we do in those lost spaces . Where big decisions need to be made but God is mad silent and saying just trust me . I mean that’s all well and good If me trusting God will also mean him doing what I want . You get what I’m saying? , what if you trust God and he doesn’t do what you want .... but you know his will is perfect ,but it’s not what you want !! Now what??

I really hope I am not the only one having these questions . I know we don’t talk about the times when things don’t go the way we want. Nobody says you are any less save when you are disappointed in an outcome . To me that’s what makes you a real Christian . When God does the total opposite of what you have been praying about but you choose - key word to trust him anyway .Trusting God includes having absolute trust and faith in His chosen timetable. If God promised something, it will come to pass in His time .

Perhaps this is what the time of waiting has been all about in the life of Abram. Perhaps God was intent on capturing Abram’s heart and aligning it with his own heart. I have been in a season of intense waiting and here I am now thinking that maybe this was Gods plan all along . To get me on board with his heart no matter the cost .

Genesis 15:6 "And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith."

While we wait, we must not lean in to our own understanding, but trust the God who delights in counting the stars! Who knows the end from the beginning and whose ways and thoughts are so much higher and better than ours .

Let’s trust this indescribable God today with the toughest of situations and believe that it will work , even when you cannot see it , it must work , even when you cannot feel it , it has to work together for your good .

This is is why I can confidently say “It’s above me now

Be blessed Nations❤️- Apryl

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