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Updated: May 28, 2019

Hey Nations!

Let's take this adventure together .

Acts chapter 27 paints a clear picture of this amazing scene where Paul is trying to get to Italy but he encountered a storm. We won't be talking about any more storms because we have covered that intensely but here we are post storm. On an island ,picture this with me, you are tired, you are hungry and you are alone. Lets just say some of your crew didn't survive what was meant to destroy even your life. You made it ...but you are shipwrecked. What does this look like in the natural. Its a place of uncertainty as to what to do next. You have or had a clear goal but unfortunately those winds and storms of life blew your ship off course and now it looks like God is maybe rewriting the story of your life and you find yourself SHIPWRECKED!. You had a clear idea of how things were supposed to look but now here you are wondering what in the world is going on . You were sure that by now you would have had that job, by now you would have been married ,have those two kids or even have a certain amount in your savings account. What do you do nations, when you find yourself shipwrecked? Your trusted friends can no longer assist you because some of them have given up along the way or are not able to understand the intensity of the confusion you face in your current situation. To them, at least you are not dead could always be worst. While that remains a fact ,what do you do when your destiny is unknown and you are left asking continually, now what?

Well in any shipwrecked movie ,you make a SOS sign lol. Makes sense right ,like you get you some palm leaves and hope that a plane passes by and recognizes that you are in need of assistance . The reality is you need help soon because staying on an island that lacks proper food, shelter and water will indeed kill you. Some of you have already missed your chance to shout. Staying in an environment where you feel confused and that environment does not or is unable to add nourishment to your soul will kill your spiritual destiny!!!. Get some people around you that can give you Godly advice and have discernment and vision.Paul said it this way in Acts chapter 27 vs22.

'But now I urge you to keep up your courage because not one of you will be lost, only the ship will be destroyed. Last night an angel of the God to whom I serve stood beside me and said do not be afraid Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you."


You have purpose friend, you have a destiny and like Paul said as he continued to speak , keep courage ,keep the faith for it will happen just as God has promised you it will in the beginning, but getting shipwrecked is apart of the plan as well. I hope y'all didn't make me just shout by myself . CHILLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!! That is a whole word. You being shipwrecked ,alone ,confused and tired is apart of the plan. Guess why ,now you have some time to meet with your maker. All the things that took up your time and energy are now removed. He cleared the stage of your life, now you have time to pursue the presence of God relentlessly !!!!!!!!!!!!


“The plans in our stories that feel the most broken and unusable are the ones that give us the energy to seek him in all honesty and desperation.When we are desperate, we seek God with a different kind of intensity and consistency. It’s an around the clock looking for him. It’s seeking him with all of our hearts and minds ,morning, noon and night. This kind of desperation is actually good because it leads us to give up on our version of the story and ask God to be the author of the story” - finding joy when the struggle is real!

Not only that for we know it is never just about us. In chapter 28 we see Paul is greeted by some of the islanders. They built a fire for him and welcomed him. I could imagine feeling welcome and at peace but as he put his hand near the fire a snake, a viper to be exact which is poisonous and can kill you in minutes ,bit him. Now all the people were waiting to see what was going to happen to him..because he seemed to just be bad lucky right! A shipwreck, then a snake bite..... oooh this thing is about to bless you.

Paul shook the snake into the fire and he suffered NOOOO ill friend. Nothing was wrong with him. The people began saying Paul must be a God!!!. Listen your shipwreck is necessary for you but it is sooo necessary for the people and lives you are called to reach. They are depending on you to operate in faith during your storm so when you get to them you are able to heal, set free and deliver them .This is all about maturing your faith. There is no room for weak and baby faith where God is taking you to.

You have a huge purpose and I know that this shipwreck was not apart of your plan but it was in God's plan all along. Be encouraged for all things work together for good and in this process your destiny is being fulfilled. The world will become so much better when you become who you MUST be on this earth.

Be blessed and lets pray together

Dear Heavenly Father,we thankyou for the shipwreck that has brought us to our knees, with our head in the sand crying out what next? It is this very thing that will lead us into an encounter with you like we have never experienced before. We submit ourselves to the processing .We know that you have already seen our SOS sign but you are maturing us and growing us into all that we have to be. Bless your people today and we speak clarity to their confusion and peace to their worry even now in Jesus Name I pray Amen.

be blessed and encouraged Nations. Love you!

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