• Apryl James

“The Main Course”

Hey Nations, this is just a reminder that God is the “main course”. He is the prize , everything else should become secondary when he enters the building ...: but guess what he is in us so we should take more time to sit and learn from him- be blessed by my lil sermonette lol.

Like 10:38-42

“Jesus and his disciples continued their journey. They arrived at a certain village. There, a woman called Martha asked Jesus to come into her home.”

‭“Martha had a sister called Mary, and Mary sat down near Jesus. She was listening to the things that he was teaching.”“But Martha was thinking to herself, ‘I cannot do all this work alone.’ So she went to Jesus. ‘Master,’ she said, ‘my sister is not helping me with the work. She has left me to do it alone. You cannot really believe that this is right! Tell her that she should help me!’”“The Lord Jesus replied, ‘Martha, Martha, you have troubles in your mind about many things.“But only one thing is really important. And Mary has chosen to do that. Nobody will take it away from her.’”

‭‭ ‭


‭‭Many times we come into the presence of God , or even in our personal lives and we have desire to experience God in a new way. We do everything that it takes , we go to conferences , workshops , service after service because we desire as we say a Move of God , an encounter with God ! Ironically for me as an intercessor and having a deep awareness of atmospheres and the God given knowledge of how to set the atmosphere for God to enter in , I find myself doing that lot . So like Martha I invite the presence of God in , like I love to say - I make room for him. Guess what ,God being the good good father that he is , he comes himself , he walks into the room , his presence is tangible . So now what - we put on a show , dance , leap , jump etc- for everyone it will look differently , for me his presence may come and now I feel like I have to work to keep him there or to do more stuff so that he can stay but the point is he is already there . I however am still running to every single event to acquire the presence of God when in fact he is in me but I am distracted . Like Mary, I am not sitting and waiting , praying , seeking , spending time with him . If God had a love language I believe it would be quality time! For our acts of service can never be enough , nor our words of affirmation because our ways are not his ways nor our thoughts his thoughts , we don’t have to reach out and try to touch him cuz he has already touched us and what gifts can we offer the creator of the universe but ourselves

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